Media Management

Why Contract with EJ Communications for Advertising Media Management Services?

The Benefit of Experience
Delegate the responsibility for your advertising planning, budgeting, negotiation and ad placement to someone with 20 years experience managing and implementing advertising programs for print, radio and television. Delegation does not mean that you have no control, all advertising placements and budgets are approved by you and plans can be adjusted during the year if needed.

Your Time is Valuable
You have a business to run. Stop wasting your valuable time listening to pitches from aggressive sales people. Just tell them Elizabeth McMartin of EJ Communications handles your advertising. I ask the tough questions, analyze the numbers, effectiveness and appropriateness for your business. I’m not swayed by aggressive sales pitches. You get to be the nice person, let me be the one to say “No, Thank You”.

A Consistent and Planned Approach
We know that advertising works best when it is based on a consistent message delivered at an optimal frequency. When
you have EJ Communications manage your advertising plan, you get a reasoned and timely execution of your advertising plan designed to reach the right audience. Your presence in the marketplace will be maintained on a consistent basis to maximize the positive impact to your business.

Managing the ad plans of numerous companies provides access and leverage with all the media organizations. These long-term relationships result in better service, placement and rates for my clients.